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You can call me Neppy, my three favorite things in this world are wrestling, horror movies, and Metallica.
And my three favorite husbandos in this world are The Undertaker, Michael Myers, and James Hetfield.

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Metallica Is a Fool’s Band Metallica Is a Fool’s Band
The comedic exploits of the worst best metal band ever, in 4koma format. Updates M/W/F.
Last update: 3rd Jun 2022
Neppy’s Art Dump Neppy’s Art Dump
Just a place to put my miscellaneous artwork.
Last update: 12th Jul 2022
Magical Heartbreaker Magical Heartbreaker
A reimagining of Magical Girl Ore that proves magical femboys can be just as powerful as magical girls.
Currently updating the cast page.
Coming Soon!

Last update: 8th Oct 2021
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