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Cartoonist/Graphic Designer for Ink and Feathers Comics. Anthony Feinman has studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2008-2009) studying cartooning, photography, and graphic design. He is author/illustrator for a graphic novel, Escape in a Dirigible (2004) based on Myke Feinman's comic book hero, Terry Freedom. His photgraphy and pagination skills can also be seen in Myke Feinman's children's story, In Search of the First Teddy Bear (2002) and the novel, The Teddy Bear Conspiracies (2004). He also illustrated the cover of Casey's Wall, by Linda Rich (2005) and has released the long lost pulp magazine, SUPERLATIVE TALES, (2006). He most recently released The Magic Press (2014). He has published a new comic book featuring strips with A-Z Studios writer, Andy Hall, called Blitz Howser: The Lost Strips (2012). He is currently working on completing new Critter stories as well as the last Terry Freedom adventure (2018).
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Blitz Howser Blitz Howser
Strips of Gordon Cabot's science fiction novel character, Blitz Howser, from the mid 1930's
Last update: 10th Jun 2012
The Critters The Critters
Short adventures of stuffed animals that resides with my parents. I occasionally show up in some of the stories. Perfect for all ages.
Last update: 18th Mar 2020
Legal Definitions strips Legal Definitions strips
Quick illustrated strips with a legal term used as a starting point. Hardly any background, just characters and quick joke.
Last update: 28th Oct 2012
Saving Sammie Saving Sammie
First story in a anthology of short stories based on real life events involving dog owners and how they came to adopt their pets.
Last update: 16th Mar 2014