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Hello I'm nilloc04, I'm just a guy who likes Drawing comics and Play Video Games like, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Pokemon, and basically most Nintendo games (i also like playing games like Minecraft and Fortnite)

Here are some people that I call "my friends", go check them out:
The Alolan PokeNerd
Mango Cat
Dragon Cat/Espeon Person
random eevee child
Lord Myk

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Extra File Storage Extra File Storage
This is a place were I put extra files, don't subscribe to this
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Dimensional Stories Dimensional Stories
Dimensional Stories is a Story(ies) about multiple different characters from other Dimensions or a different Time, a world in the medieval fantasy era, a world with anthropomorphic animals, a world in a 30's Cartoon, a world with Pokemon, and many others, each chapter will be taken place in different dimension introducing new characters and having to confront in their situations, so get your Red Cap and Maple Syrup ready, for a story that you'll might forget
Last update: Two weeks ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
nilloc04's Art Dump nilloc04's Art Dump
So this is just an Art Dump were I create sketches and accept requests
Last update: Yesterday
A Day in Hillsburg A Day in Hillsburg
Welcome to Hillsburg California, a peaceful town filled with friendly people, beautiful views, Evil Scientist?, SuperHeroes?,Interdimensional beings?, Anthropomorphic Animal abominations?, Killer Potatoes?! , Well its not like any other town, join Conner Madrawthy and Adam Sketchworth and others on their crazy, dangerous adventures and meet some friends and enemies along the way!
Last update: 10 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
PMD: Sky High PMD: Sky High
All is quiet- waves lap at the shore, the Krabby blow bubbles: you wouldn’t guess something life-changing was about to happen.

When Camellia the Sylveon finds an amnesiatic Raboot named Eddie on the beach, the two get lured into the adventure of a lifetime. Time travel, gods gone mad, and long-buried secrets await them. The two have got to work together if they’re going to make it out alive…

How hard can it be?

Last update: 12th Mar 2022