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About Me
Well, I'm first and foremost a reader. Reading webcomics and fanfics is my main hobbie.
I like to play too, fighting games mainly.
And also, I like to draw and have some fragments of stories to tell, as well as characters to show. So here I am.

ninus hideon's Webcomics
Anything Goes Anything Goes
I created this comic just to incentive myself to draw more.
Here are the rules:
- I update an page at least one time a week - sunday (it was two times originally, but until about the end of April 2022 I will only obligate myself to post on Sundays, as I got important things to do)
- The contents, style, and whatever more will depend on the me on the day I write the page. (Depending on my mood I may even draw stick figures.)
- A page may be connected to other pages or not. I don't have any plot in mind for this.
- If in some point in time I start another webcomic and update a page to it, I may excuse myself from not updating this one. I may update the autor comment and point to that webcomic.

Last update: 4 days ago
Occasional Strong Language
A mini-comic where I take a character of Soul Food, from CiciEnixa, and kill him in a different way than in Cici comic. It involves an omelette from space.
Last update: 22nd Feb 2021
Violent Content