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Registration date: 18th Dec 2015
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About me
Hi, I mostly do youtube stuff now, and I don't really do comics that often, but I did a REALLY crappy comic a while back and am uploading it here for ease of access. This comic can be easily ignored. It's crap, and I know its crap, so there will be no feelings hurt if you decide to skip it.

nixodemus1's comics
Back in 2012, I started this comic as an experiment. I wanted to see if i could do a comedy comic with an actual overarching narrative. Then I got lazy. Also the comic got weird. It resulted in this. This was a comic where I did not even bother to try, and I know full well it is crappy. However, I have now spend 4 years working on this series, and intend to finish it. So please enjoy my crappy comic. This is The Way The Word Ends or TWTWE for short.
Last update: 29th Jul 2017
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