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alvah twins
sadler was an Alvah demon, he is half demon half angel he have both of the heavens and hell power , he was created as a weapon to destroy and take over earth and heaven but Satan plans went wrong when sadler stood against him and helped the human , the human without knowing his true nature though he was a hero and assign him as king for their new kingdom therefore for the past 5000 years the sadler family have protected the kingdom and built to be the strongest kingdom on earth , the Guthram Kingdom .

the 50th king is king Apollyon II was a strong warm hearted king loved by his people , the queen was known for her kind heart and the kingdom loved her and he have a lovely lively daughter Emilia the queen died when the princess was 10 years old , at the year 1984 the princess at the age 21 had ran away with a human male , the sadler family was against her marriage to a human since it’s against the demons law and shall she bare the child of a human she will bring a disaster to her family , but her love for him was strong so she left home and after 6 long year she finally decide to return after being cursed with the Feathrus curse as punishmen.

Last update: 27th Feb 2018
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