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Registration date: 1st May 2014
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About me
I have been a cartoonist and writer most of my life. Teached animations and comics for 8 years, retired, then, found back my love for drawing after many years with my nintendo 3DS.

Everything you see are still Drafts, as I am plan to redo all in Manga Maker with my bamboo tablet. You see some of my progression as I was learning to redraw, as I didn't for many years, as also learning to do
draw digitally.

So, enjoy.

osenator's comics
Metallic Passion
Metallic Passion

A unhappy married man activate a very old female robot he always wanted, since childhood. Falling in love with it and trying to make love with it, trouble is that, his wife knows something is wrong and wants him to get rid of the robot. What will he do?

A comic I did more than 20 years ago. I drew this by hand, when scanners were new technology. All lettering was done by a AMIGA and printed by dox printer. If you know what are those, you might be old too.

I did this story more as a cute joke comic, with my character mascot, MIRAGE.

I plan to fix it up one day, as I still have all the original drawings and pages in a box somewhere.

Also, come read my many other comics too!

Last update: 28th May 2016
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ART of the female robot MIRAGE
Here some art from 20 years ago, to recent days, from being drawn with color pencils, as to be drawn on my 3DS and my Galaxy Tablet, of my Mascot MIRAGE, who is also drawn in my old comic METTALIC PASSION

Also, come read my many other comics too!

Last update: 30th Dec 2017
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My Forgotten Past
My forgotten Past

Returning to the Island where he grew up with his uncle, a man remembers a forgotten promise he did to his first love and teacher, who was unknow to him, was also an android his uncle built for him.

I drew this more than 20 years ago, as scanners started to be available at home computers. All typing was done on an amiga and printed on a dox matrix printer.

I sadly lost most of the comic, but still have a few piece of art from it I kepted.

Maybe one day, I'll redo it, as it is a nice story, I find.

Also, come read my many other comics too!

Last update: 10th Aug 2016
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The Painter
A love story, about a lonely painter, that falls in love with his female robot maid.
The robot also want to be a real woman, as he tries to help her achieve her dreams, for becoming his dream woman.

Be warned, there is some sex scenes in this story, as some romance too.

I wrote and drew the entire story with my NINTENDO 3DS XL, with COMIC WORKSHOP.

Please come read also my other comics series too.

Last update: 19th Apr 2015
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A horror story of a woman who's gone back to her Grandfather's abandon old house. Sadly, for her, he was a troubled man, with many dark secrets to hide.

All drawn on my Galaxy Tab notebook.

Last update: 25th Jan 2017
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Drawing Horror
A collection of horror art and comics I drew with my Nintendo 3DS XL.

Please come also read my other comics series too!

Last update: 29th Sep 2017
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Evil Within
My first small horror comic done on my Nintendo 3DS.
A mix of horror and scify.
I really improved on the art from this comic. I plan to redraw it one day.

Please come read also my other comics series too.

Last update: 26th Feb 2015
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The dark well
Quick horror comic, drew with my Nintendo 3ds.

Please come read my other comics.

Last update: 26th Feb 2015
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Dark Regret
Second Horror comic with my 3DS, I plan to finish it one day. It's softly based on Silent Hill universe.

Please come read my other comics.

Last update: 6th Mar 2015
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The Repair
This was a sorta of a silly prequel to THE PAINTER, as more of a joke, as I was learning to use Comic Workshop. I drew this as a silly story, to test ad learn how to use the new drawing program on my 3DS.

This was drawn very quickly in one week, as a learning tool.

Same goes for the last pages I'll post, as you will see how I improved in the few months of using it.

Yes, I do love drawing and writing about robots and androids. Please see THE PAINTER as this was the end result of this silly comic and pages.

Last update: 29th Mar 2015
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The Camera
Drawn in Nintendo Miiverse, an horror story I did for fun. I plan to redo it one day, in proper comic form.

Don't forget to check out my other comics too!

Last update: 27th Mar 2015
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Emma robotica
Scott received on his birthday, from his dead father, a female robot that actually raised him when he was very young. Emma, sadly, has lost her memory files and doesn't even remember being a robot. Scott, being now an adult, start having feelings for Emma.

In the second chapter, Emma find's out that Scott also built another female robot, in her long absence and she suddenly back. Ella, wants Emma out of the picture, for good.

In the third chapter (unfinished at the moment), Emma and Suzanne, discover some dark secrets from Scott's family and past.

Done with COLORS on my 3DS, was learning how to draw digitally. Will finish the story one day, and rework it, as it's still a draft.

Last update: 8th Mar 2015
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Here some art of Emma. She was my new mascot I created when I restarted redrawing after many years. It was all new to me drawing on my 3DS and learning into drawing digital for the first time. I used COLORS on my 3DS to draw most of the art.

Be warned, I drew her naked many times, of course (L).

Last update: 10th Feb 2016
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The female robot prototype
Lara, a female prototype robot, who was found 2 years ago, by Rob, discarded in old abandoned robot factory, face the accusations of Rob, of cheating on him. This short story/comic of robot, love, and sex, has been created with my Galaxy Note book. The first 20 pages were done in about 9 hours.

Please come read all my other comics too and follow!

Last update: 27th Nov 2015
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Among friends
A quick comic I created in 3 hours on my galaxy tab, testing a new drawing program.

Story about a friend taking advantage of a another friend, who's a female android.

Don't forget to read my many other comics.

Yes, I love female androids.

Last update: 23rd May 2015
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Alex, captain of his Hockey High School team, fall's in love with his new neighbour, Anne, a beautiful girl who has been bullied a lot, who also falls in love too. But sadly, love is never easy, as she also suffers from depression. But Life is like a rollercoaster, as with making new friends and/or dealing with new situations, they do their best to have a happy life together.

Be warned, as this story deals with dark subjects, as depression, suicides, rape and other dark realistic situation that many teens deals with it everyday, but there is also the happy moments too...

This is a romance/drama comic series I wrote and drew with my NINTENDO 3DS XL, in NINTENDO MIIVERSE. I had more than 750 followers, until Nintendo banned me, as they saw the comic being too serious.

I ask you to read it and judge it by the story and not the finish art and crude for now, but I am doing this comic as a draft, as I plan to clean it up with MANGA MAKER and make proper pages and speech bubbles.

Also, come read my many other comics too!

Last update: 20th Mar 2015
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This is the second part of the trilogy, as prequel MAYBE LOVE?followed by SECRET LOVE and the last part, LOST LOVE.

A new sequel to MAYBE LOVE?, 5 years later.

Please read the first comic series MAYBE LOVE ? to learn about the characters.

Carolle, adopted sister of Alex, starting to have feelings toward him, but much more than sisterly love. Alex, slowly realizing that his relationship with Anne, will be harder than he ever realized.

I drew this new comic on my Galaxy Tablet, testing it, with a new program.

This comic series is around 5 years after MAYBE LOVE? and 5 years before LOST LOVE....

For the first time, I am drawing them in colors. I am trying also a new style of drawing.

This comic is being created on my galaxy tablet.

Last update: 15th Sep 2016
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The sequel of MAYBE LOVE?, ten years later. Sadly, Anne and Alex's relationship is falling apart, completely. Both lost in adult life's ups and downs, struggling with the past. Can they somehow, regain their lost love for each other?

All done on my Nintendo 3DS XL, and will clean it and fix it later on MANGAMAKER in the future. This story is about dealing with adulthood, and life's challenges into love, death and growing older. Life is never easy and never is what you wished for.

The first many pages in the story, you see, were done on Nintendo Miiverse, that is the most restricted drawing program ever (L), with only 2 inch of drawing space. I know it wasa restricting, but I loved the challenge into managing drawing some nice art with it, until Nintendo Banned me due to my story being to adult themed. After that, I started using Comic Workshop with my 3DS.

Also, come read my many other comics too!

Last update: 1st Mar 2016
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"LOVE" triology Extra art
This is all art from Maybe Love?, Secret Love and Lost Love.

Some are old, as the rest from Miiverse.

Please come read MAYBE LOVE? and see also my many other comics.

Last update: 19th Jul 2017
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