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1986 edition

Have a stop by Peppersoap's Patreon page for some freebs, even if you can't directly donate! Sharing is caring, so recommending is... er, commending? Linking is liking? Reblogging is non-flogging?

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Charlie Peppersoap
Charlie Peppersoap is a webcomic collection of short stories using the same cast of characters for each plot; a serial 'soap opera' with a new Alternate Universe per chapter. Concepts and storylines written by [CAkEFox] and theme in romance (m/m, slash), angst, relationships, friendship, sexuality; in genres up to and including slice of life / non-genre fiction, paranormal, sci-fi, high fantasy, horror, and crime noire.

Updates weekly. Content Warnings provided under each chapter's title page.

Last update: 30th Sep 2017
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