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Registration date: 10th Apr 2013
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pallenjoe's comics
Animal Instinct
Therianthrophy: The ability to alter one's form from human to animal at will.

Mafia, Drug Lords, Secret Government Agencies and Ancient Underground Societies..

These are only some of the perils that must be overcome!

Drugged and kidnapped, Brent, Jack and Kyla become allies in a commom cause. Subjected to biological alteration at a genetic level they are injected with a highly classified D.N.A altering drug known as Therianepicine. Bones break and knit rapidly. Muscles tear and mend as the trio transform from human to animal in mere seconds ripping the lab apart in their wake.

Survival and retribution may prove impossible as an inevitable war between powerful forces explodes with the helpless trio caught in the middle. Can they survive the cyclone raging down of them?

Last update: 14th Oct 2014
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The Reaper
The Heterosexual Supremacist Movement: A group of people devoted to old ideals that homosexuality is immoral and must be stomped out at any cost.

Kelli McCann: A young woman raised by a single parent! A father whose drunken, cowardly ideology about men and women and the old fashioned roles each should play clashes violently with his daughter's mixed martial arts, motorcycle riding, live life on the edge life-style !

When her openly Gay brother, Brad, is killed in a protest for Gay rights, Kelli dawns a mask of death and continues the crusade where her brother left off !

Last update: 2 days ago
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