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Registration date: 7th Jun 2014
Last seen: 19th May 2017, 12:37 AM
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Location: Space, Another Dimension, Depends.
professordethorn's comics
Dethorn is a thinker, an inventor, a monster. Locked away for years after what could be the greatest travesty the world has ever known, Dethorn has been given a second chance to right his wrongs. Working beyond the governments of the world, he now operates the "Science Operation Force", a group of ragtag individuals charged with protecting the world from those that would use the power of Science for their own gains.
Last update: 22nd Dec 2015
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Dr. Maximillion Dethorn is your average day undead scientist looking for interesting things to do. Whether it's golfing with the Kipplings from Zenar 12, or battling the Vampire Moon of Quantis Voralis, he's down for anything, well, except for drinking tea. Dude hates tea. These are his cross time, cross dimension, cross space adventures. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may suffer explosive diarrhea. The last one isn't because of us, but hey, it can happen, you know?
Last update: 14th May 2016
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Humanity is running it's last lap on Earth. All resources are on the brink of being nonexistent, countless wars have ravaged the lands, and the population has begun to dwindle. In order to survive, humanity has initiated the first manned space flight in a hundred years. The crew of the "Transcendence" have been given a simple mission; find a habitable planet for humanity to begin anew. But what happens when the crew finds something that simply can not be?

What happens when they find the ruins of their own ship?

Last update: 22nd Oct 2014
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Digital Fix
Her name is Fifer. She's a Techno Musician, slums dweller, Music Dealer. When Artists and Writers have an itch, when they want to feel the beats and taste the rhythm, she's right there for them, disc in hand. It's not legal, but hey, it pays the rent.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Dethorn's Art? Blog
Just a blog/art dump site for my random doodles.
Last update: 15th Feb 2017
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