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Registration date: 20th May 2010
Last seen: 11th Jul 2011, 2:11 PM
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Location: MA
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Animator/CG Artist/painter/Video Artist/corespondent for MoleHole Radio and writer for the Outhouse

prozacman's comics
Parody Pills
Brian Osserman was given the nick name ProzacMan by my fellow students at the SMFA after he made an animated short called Prozac the Musical Most likely because they forgot his real name, but no one forgets the song in his matter how much they want to. The name stuck so he decided to use it as my online identity.
While trying to bribe people to vote for him in a popularity contest on a comic book message board, ProzacMan made pills for people based on their screen names and avatars. Long after the popularity contest was shut down by the moderator of the board (due to an epic battle between comic book writer Gail Simon and poster Man Of The Atom) people kept requesting ProzacMan to make pills for their signatures. This web comic is to share the pills with the world.

Last update: 16th Jun 2010
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