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About Me
I've gone by many names online and have been a veteran in communities for over nine years, now, but here I am to stay.

Originally, I came here because I used Flikr, with the same name before a slight change. It's where I normally had my webcomics. It was adequate for my needs at the time, but it has certain restrictions. Having 4 (at the time) webcomics, I thought it best to try and expand to other sites.

I do my webcomics purely for my own enjoyment, so I don't care about how low the quality is (mostly). I don't mind if people don't like it. But, hey, if others can learn to enjoy it, that'd certainly make me one happy writer. :)

Also, yes. I am THE Ranger. Living legend. Effectively a grandmother of CF.

(Current project: Red Hood Rider.)

ranger_brianna_new's Webcomics
Red Hood Rider Red Hood Rider
Red Hood Rider, known to her friends as Ruby, is a fairly average sixteen-year-old girl. Except that she's a type of magical girl known as a Rider, a superhero who uses the power of light and magic to vanquish evil. She's one of many, though, because her world is filled with supes of all kinds.

By some cosmic coincidence, she just so happens to also be the lord of the most powerful vampire coven in existence, but that's only a part-time obligation, so not really a big deal.

She might be the chosen one of a few prophecies, but there are hundreds of those in the world, so...aw, who are we kidding? She's the titular character. She's important. This is her story.

Updates every Saturday at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Last update: 3rd Dec 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
The Descended The Descended
"Life's not worth living without some suffering.
...Also, I found it funny."

The Descended takes place in the World of Soano, a world governed by a built-from-scratch RPG system and the gods' bad sense of humor. Specifically, it follows the quests and stories of three adventuring groups: The Outcasts, The Elementals, and The Latens, on their missions to become stronger for their own various reasons.

Hilarity--if Bree's doing her job correctly--will ensue.

(Genres: Fantasy/Adventure/RPG/Humor.)

Currently on-hold temporarily (Check out Red Hood Rider meanwhile), but when resuming, will update Mondays at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Last update: 7th Aug 2014
Graphic Violence / Gore
Miscellaneous Madness Miscellaneous Madness
Basically, where I put my unrelated art, or art not important enough to be mentioned.

In spite of the nudity tag, is mostly safe for work unless specifically warned otherwise. It's art, so not all art is SFW.

Last update: 8th Nov 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity
Comic Battle Q Comic Battle Q
The original Webcomic, the one that inspired all of Brianna's future comics. Featuring sixteen and a quarter comics, this comic started it all. It is the Original, the Prototype.

It sucks, it blows (very little pun intended), and it is down-right awful.
Yet Brianna still loves it.
(ADVERTISING: Check out R, the 'upgrade' to Q, here! stormyfighters.thecomicseries.com/)

May update with Comic Battle R (as a gag-a-day comic), but otherwise not active.

Last update: 21st Mar 2011
Graphic Violence / Gore
Comic Battle R Comic Battle R
This is the Redone Version of Comic Battle Q, Simply called Comic Battle R (R standing for any number of things. Redone, Rewritten, Reenvisioned, etc.), also known as "Stormy Fighters".

It is Comic Battle Q, upgraded to have better art, more hilarious dialog, featuring an actual storyline, better everything. It is a newer project, but it is still distinctly in the same simple stick figure style.

Enjoy if you can!

(Planned to update when The Descended is steadily running or has run to completion. Thus, currently dead.)

Last update: 1st Dec 2010
Graphic Violence / Gore
The Other DN The Other DN
This is a fancomic of the Dragonfable Design Notes--this comes from an idea Artix mentioned, but never followed through. He mentioned fans could contribute--so I am!

(Comic put mostly on hold, as author has fallen out of touch with the AEGames community. For a comic updating, check out Red Hood Rider.)

Last update: 19th Sep 2010
Graphic Violence / Gore
Wolf Hunt Wolf Hunt
Webcomic exclusively devoted to the forum game of Werewolf, and all sequels thereof. When the wolves attack, it's a bleak day...when neighbor turns against neighbor, who's safe? Nobody. Anything goes, Hilarity Ensues, and you never quite know what's going to happen next...

Though a wonderful look into site culture of the time period, the comic is not planned to update anymore.
Red Hood Rider is what does.

Last update: 13th Nov 2010
Graphic Violence / Gore
Character Battle Character Battle
Enter the madness of ComicFury's Character Battle, where contestants from completely different worlds duke it out for your entertainment value!

Based off of this thread and all the ones which follow.

Not a true webcomic, and not expected to update any time soon.

Last update: 21st Apr 2013
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Ranger's Rambles Ranger's Rambles
Fairly self-explanatory. I like to talk a lot, and now I'm talking in image form.

But seriously, not really a webcomic. If it updates (updates come with inspiration to ramble and only then), you'll get some lovely words to read, but don't expect anything else.

Last update: 8th Sep 2013
Wing It Wing It
No reference images.
No erasers.
No measurements.
No advanced plot laid out.
This is art freestyle. This is me just winging it, and looking at the results.

Not anticipating updates in the immediate future.
For what will, check out Red Hood Rider.

Last update: 27th Jul 2012
Graphic Violence / Gore
Writer's Mind Writer's Mind
An insight into the mind of Ranger, this webcomic contains various thoughts from day to day, quickly thrown together in about an hour.

Not expected to update regularly anymore.
For a comic updating, check out Red Hood Rider.

Last update: 21st Apr 2013
My Life My Life
A side-project of Ranger, showing off funny little snapshots into her life across the years. Updates whenever she is inspired.
Last update: 13th Feb 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language