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Registration date: 7th Feb 2010
Last seen: 14th Mar 2017, 5:02 PM
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About me

I don't usually fill out my profiles on sites much, but I guess people on here will want to know about me.
Ummm, I'm Kiki, 24 years old. I write the same way I talk in person. I want to make friends and talk to people easily, but sometimes I have trouble talking or coming up with things to say. In person I'm really weird and outgoing, but still have trouble talking with people I don't know well.
I love disturbing and dark stories, which is how I try to write mine. I like downer endings and depressing parts.

sawyerLUVSyou's comics
Life's an Academy
Sawyer Randavix, a 23 year old with a dark past, joins the police force to make up for her mistakes. She meets two girls that are polar opposites from her and must find a way to connect with them. April Jennings is trying desperately to fit in with people, Kaheru is a mystery, and Emily Randavix just wants to see her sister again.
Updates Tuesday.

Last update: 20th Sep 2016
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Demon Wings
Succubus, Leandra, isn't like normal demons. She is empathetic and struggles to live in the realm of darkness. She wants to look for a way out, while caring for a young succubus named Candy, who is her closest friend. They're followed by Dagger, who may or may not be an ally.
Updates Tuesday.

Last update: 21st Mar 2017
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Ocean Labyrinth
A day at the beach turns into a desperate escape back to her family, when Karen falls down a sand cliff. She meets a bat in a sea cave and comes out to an apocalyptic version of her world. She must find her way home and battle her inner demons. What did she do to get here?

Story and characters by sawyerLUVSyou, illustrated by Blaeringr (2012-2014).
Illustrated by sawyerLUVSyou (2016)

Buy Volume 1:

Last update: 16th Aug 2016
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