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formerly meager
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Registration date: 27th Jul 2010
Last seen: 2nd Apr 2018, 3:25 AM
Posts: 226
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Location: Kansas, obviously!
About Me
I got nothin'.

scoopmoose's Webcomics
Rook's life is thrown into chaos when he's suddenly put in charge of raising a seven-year-old daughter he never knew he had. A family-friendly comic strip! Updates Tues - Wed - Thurs!
Last update: 28th Mar 2018
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Boatcrash Chronicles
An outlandishly distorted interpretation of the life of a guy that plays a lot of video games.
Last update: 22nd Oct 2014
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Those Games We Play
Married gamers Lizzy & Clyde are trapped inside video games! But they're mostly okay with that, because they do get the occasional weekend and holiday off.
New strips every Tuesday and Friday!

Last update: 23rd Apr 2013
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Ken's Misc Art & Stuff
This is the spot where I post sketches, unfinished works, and abandoned comic ideas. Maybe more. Probably updated at least once a week. Some images may be NSFW.

Last update: 20th Feb 2015
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Last update: 3rd Aug 2011
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Last update: 22nd Jul 2011
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Testing the theory that the wackiness based on the premise of the forum game Werewolf makes for good webcomicing.
Last update: 10th Dec 2010
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