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Registration date: 22nd Jun 2010
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Location: Buffalo, New York
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Erratic Fiction
With his hard-earned reputation as a zit-picking weirdo who buys wholeheartedly into every conspiracy that passes through his radar, when Sherlock "Sleetch" Maven uncovers something truly horrible lurking under the otherwise unassuming urban sprawl of Ceder's surface, there are understandable few who pay attention. Thus, our story begins when he embarks on a quest to drag his oft-abused younger brother back to their hometown, regroup with long-forgotten friends and unite with old enemies in the barest definition of a ragtag crew dedicated to uncovering the cause behind the surge in mysterious disappearances of the city's inhabitants and the ominous, if nonsensical, graffiti that seems to be appearing in their place.
Last update: 10th Aug 2010
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