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30-something. Software Engineer. Metalhead.

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☢ Gas Masquerade ☢ Gas Masquerade
Based on propaganda, locker room talk, and a man with access to the US nuclear codes.

Completed 2017.

Last update: 21st Apr 2017
Frequent Strong Language
◰ 137 ◰ 137
Exploring the hither and hereafter.

"Hellfire is coming," she says.
Her prophesy spoken changes everything.

"Angels shall soon bring angels back to life?"
From here the Darkness dawns the following...

Completed 2016.

Last update: 13th Nov 2016
ϟ Time seals all tombs ϟ Time seals all tombs
Mopping up the bloody flow of additional material in the vein of my ebook 'Time seals all tombs' (2009).

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