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Registration date: 13th Jun 2010
Last seen: 6 days ago, 1:09 AM
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shocktrooper's Webcomics
Slizzard The Lizard
Crumbling infrastructure, a tyrannical government, a world in ruin.

Now, enough about the news, lets get to the comic:
Can an artificial life save itself?
Slizzard the Lizard is a genetically modified sentient creature made with one purpose, advertise Slizzard Energy to the masses. One problem, nobody ever asked him if he wanted to. Can he break free of his original purpose to become something greater?

Last update: One week ago
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Shock 21
Shock 21 takes place in the galaxy far, far away, and follows the developments at Facility 21, an imperial research center.
Last update: 12 days ago
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Portal Keepers
Last update: 18th Oct 2010
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Last update: 20th Jan 2011
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The Last Human
The last human on earth attempts to survive in the polluted wasteland. It uses LEGO to tell the story
Last update: 26th Feb 2011
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Stuck in The Air
Some people think they are going on a trip to London but will they ever land?

I do not own LEGO or the LEGO group

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Zombie Survival
A webcomic about guns zombies and well just about everything else you can stuff into a lego webcomic
Updates Will Halt Until Further Notice

Last update: 5th Nov 2010
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Lego: Combat Evolved
When a thriving LEGO society is suddenly exposed to advanced technology, chaos ensues
Last update: 24th Jul 2011
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Combining the Combine
A Half-Life parody about humanoid aliens called the Combine.
Made by Marsuko Kanamochi or as my username is: PhaseScout.
Boing boing boing... :D

Last update: 8th May 2011
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