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Esther; she/her; '94
I'm trying to relearn how to enjoy drawing after art school. I live in the PNW with my girlfriend Julia, who I love very much.
My favorite foods are olives, roasted veggies, and almond croissants, and my favorite color is yellow
Ask me to be your Dark Souls co op buddy.

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Gold Scissors Gold Scissors
Winifred mops floors all day and has frightful stress dreams all night. Geosmin is a freshly retired radio DJ on the run from a confrontation with her terrifying wife. After a freak accident in the small hours of the night, Winifred finds herself playing host to one of Geosmin’s stray fancies: a golden hand that slices through the fabric of dreams. Newly bonded by inconvenience, the two must scramble to find a solution before Winifred is scrambled permanently.

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