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Born and raised in Mississippi, I am an aspiring comic book artist whom have been drawing since my years in elementary. I am 26 years old and hope for one day, to get my work publish and reach out to many others around the world who enjoy comics, manga, as well as anime.

I have a Patreon now! Feel free to check it out, any amount subscribed is going to the comic and its promotions. There are really nice benefits for each listed tier!

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Timespheres are 5 mystical orbs which awaken one's own dormant aura energy.  Once an individual comes in contact with a Timesphere their life is forever change, for better or worst.  Following the lives of Chrono and Meko Mechimura as well as their sensei Sicemera Musachi, what seemed to have been a normal life is forever changed after a life threatening car accident.  Watch as Chrono and Meko adapt to a whole new world before them as well as learn of the many secrets their own sensei, Sicemera, has been keeping from them.  This is the world of Timespheres! 

Last update: 8th Nov 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore