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Registration date: 10th Sep 2013
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About me
Illustration Major at Maryland Institute College of Art.
I like badasses, strong female characters, drawing, heavy metal, (and other music!) and the color pink. I'm also a cosplayer, and usually attend Otakon and Katsucon. If you have a serious issue with any of my comic content and you wish to discuss it, or have any questions, please PM me! :D

socksofargyle's comics
Lux Cursor
Far into the future, the world, and even humans, as we knew it have changed. Some go about their lives just like everyone else, and some have become heroes.

**Reboot of System Born.

Last update: 11th Jan 2017
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Valdin Zoh is assigned to the I.S.C. Thunderstryke as part of the Star Pioneer Initiative. Quickly it becomes apparent that something about the crew is a little off, and the easiest job in the galaxy goes wrong in the worst and unforeseeable way.

A sci-fi action comic with a bit of western elements and lots of nerd humor.

Last update: One week ago
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The Legend of Briva
After centuries of peace, the country of Briva was faced with a violent coup d'etat that wiped out the Queen, Aristocracy, and it's alliance with the formidable Pirate Alliance all in one night, known as The Rise.

Ten years later, violence strikes at the impenetrable Elysium City, home of the Pirate Alliance. Attacks scatter the Lord Captains to the winds, each suspecting the others.

Alice Spade, having witnessed and escaped The Rise with her family, is not about to give up another home so easily, and suspects to find answers in Briva's capitol city.

Last update: 29th Aug 2017
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Pleasant Valley
Welcome to Pleasant Valley. White picket fences, springtime picnics, friendly neighbors that say Good Morning! every day, and the occasional supernatural occurrence that goes completely unrecognized as such because it's actually typical. Werewolves, demons, Slenderman tea parties, Roxi Lowe, Pleasant Valley's undead protector.

We are normal. All of this is normal. Roxi Lowe does not exist, she is a bedtime story for naughty children. Or is she?

Last update: 12th Oct 2015
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