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Pokemon Colosseum: Renewal Pokemon Colosseum: Renewal
Disgruntled thug Wes decides he's had enough, and it's time to bring the house down. Pokemon Colosseum: Renewal is a re-imagining of the classic Gamecube game - the general outline and spirit of the game has been preserved, but now with a developed cast, a more detailed world, and some brand new twists and turns!
Last update: 30th Mar 2020
Occasional Strong Language
PMD: Rangers of Sky PMD: Rangers of Sky
Pokemon Rangers work day and night to protect people and Pokemon, no matter what. When fledgling ranger Eliza is thrown into a whole new world with her friends' lives on the line, what will she do to get everyone back home?

NOTE: This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic which means the vast majority of the story takes place in the Pokemon world.

Last update: 21st Jul 2022
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language