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fav color:opal stone
fav book:Bible
fav color pencil:Inktense
listen: christian,instr,bluegrass,rap,etc.
play: irish whistle, recorder

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Blue to Pink
Last update: 25th Apr 2016
In the Corners
A comic about a Christian mission in Japan. Of course, as I write this, the mission doesn't exist, but by making this comic I'm saying the mission should exist. There are around 40,000 children in child institutions in Japan because very few people want to adopt them. These children often live in these institutions until they are legally adults. The staff often rotates quite a lot in these institutions, so the children can't depend on a face being there for them. Christians should love these kids enough to be dependable faces for these children.
Last update: 26th Apr 2016
In America, PC most commonly means Politically Correct. That is, the PC rule is whatever doesn't annoy someone else must be right. As I write this, the Mayflower Compact is nearly 400 years old, and having read it, the name of God is mentioned 4 times in 2 paragraphs, the advancement of the Christian faith is written as a purpose, and survival is a very strong theme. One, I think this document explains the interesting History of the early US far better than any other document. Two, those that wish for PC can have their PC and I'll show my PC. My heart is for Japan, to be honest, I greatly want to mission there with the arts. The PC I give is to the world, America included, and hopefully this PC is to a better effect.
Last update: 9th Dec 2016