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Registration date: 26th Jun 2016
Last seen: 10th Feb 2019, 8:12 AM
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Location: Cantabria
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Hats, hats, hats.

spidar's Webcomics
Rowin Redd: Born of Fire
The tale of Rowin Redd, the half-dragon, half-human, all thumbs child. Follow his misadventures in Dragon-Foot village and the magical land of the five kingdoms.
Last update: 8th Sep 2017
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Death Child
The world is not as it seems. Lauren Landers is about to have her whole life uprooted by the agents of death. Will she reject their dark circle's offer of protection or sell her soul to protect her baby brother?

Death Child will now update every Tuesday, with additional updates on or around the 13th and 31st of every month.

Last update: 6th Mar 2018
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