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stephenleotti's comics
Stardust the Cat
Stardust the Cat is a comic series created by Stephen Leotti. It debuted in September 2012 and concluded in December 2014.

The plot centers around Stardust, a cat who is unsatisfied with life, despises his owner, and has nothing better to do than watch TV and be angry commercials.

One day, a mouse named Freddie comes to live in his house. Stardust, being too lazy too care, let's him live there. Over time, the two become closer and even start to become friends.

Eventually, Stardust meets a girl, Naomi, whom he becomes romantically involved with. But learns she has something of a dark past. Now he must decide whether he wants to be with her, as it could risk both of their lives.

Last update: 24th Dec 2014
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