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About Me
Also known as "Cait Magne" elsewhere.
Draw to give my life some form of purpose.
Permanently frustrated
ASD, Social anxiety, and depression are not a good mix
Main comic is Drachronon, plus some other stuff I work on.

stinger9's Webcomics
Drachronon Drachronon
An unfortunate and improbable series of events lead to two shapeshifting dragons, Tanbyr and Edan, awakening many years on from the old fantasy world they're familiar with, technology, the world, and everything in it has advanced.
Last update: 8 days ago
Violent Content
Blake's Goblin Tech Emporium Blake's Goblin Tech Emporium
A spin-off of sorts of my other comic, Drachronon, follows Blake the goblin conman and his niece/apprentice Picka, as they try to keep a business afloat, and preferably, stay out of prison!
Last update: 12th May 2022
Occasional Strong Language
Mara and Gedon: Destroyers of Worlds Mara and Gedon: Destroyers of Worlds
The end is nigh. Thankfully, the bringers are lazy! Two beings created to help destroy the universe do everything except their jobs!
Last update: 22nd Feb 2022