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no reason to think this is nama
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Registration date: 8th Nov 2016
Last seen: Yesterday, 4:10 AM
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Location: Anime school
About me
5 things about me.

1. I am crazy
2. I like to sing.
3. I like to draw
4. I love to read.

I'm also a Doctor Who fan.

Check out my website!

I am on Wordpress, Wattpad, Quotev, FictionPad, Flightrising(No matter what my profile said, I'm a Wind., Tapastic, and Deviantart as SunnySideUpSmile. Come join me on Lady Popular. You can also find me on FurAffinity.
I'm on Patreon as SunnySideUpSmile.

Oh right furvilla and tumblr too.


I don't know, dragons and stuff
Email me at

SunnySideUpSmile's comics
2018 Pinup Calendar Challenge
Mine and SunnySideUpSmile's entries for the 2018 pinup calendar challenge!
Last update: 20th Dec 2017
[Comic profile]
Those Days So Long Ago
Rhys is at college, and there is this annoying dude annoying her. A lot. Can she get rid of him? Or will she fall for him?

Updates weekly!

(Re-doing pages. As there's not a whole bunch, it won't take that long, but it will take maybe a month, if I still update regularly. So don't expect drastic changes overnight. Thanks.)

Last update: 11 days ago
[Comic profile]
A Squid a Day
Splatoon ocs do nut steel
Last update: 5th May 2017
[Comic profile]
When The Timeline Stops:
A collaboration comic done on Comicfury, by authors on Comicfury, for the Comicfury community! Everyone is allowed to contribute to the story!
Visit this thread to find out how to contribute a page, and to sign up for a page! For more information, PM Parkblog79.

Last update: 22nd Jan 2018
[Comic profile]
Ice and Fire
Cassiopeia Wood is like a piece of ice. Aiden Goodwill is a burning fire. Can his burning passion melt her cold demeanor? After all, opposites attract.

(Made for my sister's story. This is a sporadic thing, much like ABQBO & Starlight Mountain. I made this for an extremely late Christmas present. I know I'm crazy for thinking I can do 5 comics, even if one is on hiatus.)

Last update: 6th Apr 2017
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Sense and Sensibility: Rabbits
It's the age-old Jane Austen favorite, Sense & rabbit form!

[On hiatus because I'm reading the book]

Last update: 15th Feb 2017
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The New 30 Days Of Characters
Last update: 1st May 2017
[Comic profile]
A ComicFury Story
This is the story of what happens in my mind's eye as soon as I joined ComicFury. My 100th post: Excuse me? :P

Warning: Weirdness guaranteed! Sporadic updates!

Last update: 28th Aug 2017
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SunnySideUpSmile's disciples
Very good Mafia player. Fellow funny person.

Gave me my second critique. She told me I was ninja'd once.

Seka, Ruler of Nekos Sekas, aligned with walking mayonnaise bottles and sushi

I threw Seka into the Atlantic (or Pacific) Ocean with a pineapple

My little kohai-shisutā. Always the wild one, that Kari. I showed her the ways of ComicFury. Don't ever stop her awesomeness.