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About me
A very strange bird. Likes to write and draw.

swamp's comics
Rous is growing up in a country that has been at war for 300 years. Locked in a hopeless stalemate by the clash of magic and technology, both sides are becoming desperate to tip the scales.

Rous isn’t particularly interested in the war. He’s more interested in shaping, the kinetic form of magic that allows people to move non-living objects, usually at the price of the shaper’s health. However, as he advances, he realizes his powers do not have the delicate, artistic bent he admires, but a powerful and violent nature perfect for warfare.

Content Warnings:

A lot of this story is about mental illness, trauma, and war. There isn't anything particularly explicit in terms of sex or gore, but there is blood and death, especially later in the plot.
This is not, however, an action story. If you show up for the blood and warfare, you're going probably going to find a lot more dialogue and kids growing up than you care for.

Last update: 31st Jan 2018
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