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An illustrator and graphic design student who lives on the internet. You may know me as "technotoastx" or "technotoast-art" in other places. I have a deep love for ice cream, scented candles, and destroying my enemies in battle.

I'm super active on twitter.
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Waiting to Cross
What's more romantic than meeting your potential soulmate on the sidewalk?
Nothing, that's what.

Like a stubborn flower that grows through the cracks of a city sidewalk, our friendly neighborhood protagonist, Nicky, grows an interest in a complete stranger who's new to town. Does love blossom between the two? Does fate prevent them from getting together? Do we ever get to have some spaghetti???

All this and more in the curbside romantic comedy, Waiting to Cross.

Updates on Saturdays.

Last update: 7th Dec 2019