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Registration date: 30th May 2015
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Location: In hell, where you will never find me
About me
Just call me Thay.

I'm a 36 years old gangster who draws for hobby. I am free as the wind, and I draw everything that I fancy. My subjects range from fluffy shonen ai to pure depravity and pretty much everything in between the two extremes.

I often speak a lot. I don't shut up in many cases, which lead me to get into trouble with people who hate me challenging popular beliefs. But even in cases when I remain silent, I let my actions speak for me. And just so you know, actions speak louder than words.

In extremely and isolated, seldom cases, I can drive people nuts. You either love me or hate me. Depends always on how you see me. For some I am the bête noire of the MM fandom. For others, a friend. For a few ones, an artist to respect. And for many others... the devil herself. Or a "borderline murderer" *chuckles on the retarded insult*

You decide. But if you ask me, I'd rather having you enjoying my work. It brings much more happiness to both sides.

And it saves you from being driven mental by my "so called" evil ways.


Donate me or commission me! All of them are appreciated!

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thayCVB's comics
The Stealer
Meik Stealer is a man consumed entirely by evil. He got possessed by the terrible demon Wiavuh, and now he wants to take delight into kidnapping and killing CrashMan. Will his robotic siblings be able to save him?


Last update: Today
[Comic profile]
The Cyberharasser
PharaohMan faces a true nightmare after breaking up with his boyfriend: being permanently cyberharassed.
Last update: 3rd Oct 2018
[Comic profile]
The Snake Charmer
FlameMan is a snake charmer in his free time. However, his cobra escapes and he has to find a new one to charm. He gets a surprise in his search of a new pet. Will he be able to charm SnakeMan the same way as he does with the real snakes?
Last update: 6th Oct 2018
[Comic profile]
The Carnage
PharaohMan decides to go back to the Devious Club because he has business with those who lurked in that place. Nobody has idea of the massive carnage he had in mind. But that’s the price for affronting him.


Last update: 6th Oct 2018
[Comic profile]
The Indiscreet Camera
ElecMan manages to create a small mini-camera that can film everything. Now he wants a “victim” to try out his new device, who knows with what purposes.

Will ElecMan use his device with noble intentions? Or will he unleash his hidden, perverse sadistic streak with it?

Last update: 6th Oct 2018
[Comic profile]
Robots have fantasies too!
PharaohMan secretly fantasies with QuickMan, so he decided to come over and try to make his “wish” come true.
Last update: 6th Oct 2018
[Comic profile]