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Registration date: 19th May 2015
Last seen: 12th Apr 2017, 2:45 AM
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About me
I'm currently masquerading as a respectable college student majoring in biochemistry, but once I'm done shooing real life out of the way, I happily revert to my natural state of gamer/otaku/bookworm/writer, and most recently, wannabe webcomic artist.

My favorite genre is epic fantasy, with grand heroic quests and battles that break all sense of scale. I'm also a huge fan of deconstruction and reconstruction of common genre tropes though, so in my own work, expect the typical hero's journey to go off the rails pretty quickly.

I'm also a writer before I decided to make a foray into art, so if you're looking for a proofreader or just a spotter for plot holes, drop me a line and I'd be happy to help out however I can. Vice versa, all feedback and commentary on my own work is more than welcome, praise and criticism alike.

the_quiller's comics
Becoming Legend
For a thousand years, the Empire of Bastion stood as the last refuge in a world overrun by wraiths - until the Cataclysm leaves its throne empty, its lands dying, and its people desperate. Without a new Vigil to take up the crown, the empire fights a hopeless war against an enemy that cannot be slain.

Then, in the empire's eleventh hour, a child soldier finds within himself the power to inherit the mantle of the Vigil...or to destroy the empire that enslaved him once and for all.

Last update: 25th Feb 2016
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