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Registration date: 6th Dec 2014
Last seen: 9th Mar 2018, 1:39 AM
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Location: The Batcave
About Me
Way cooler than the other comic writers. Because... well, because I'm Batman!

(Except instead of fight crime, I make webcomics.)


thebatman's Webcomics
In the kingdom of Flagstaff, four heroes are summoned to the royal castle for adventure and the occasional vodka and orange juice.

Flagstaff was originally a Flash game and comic created by Joel Esler.
This is simply an archive copy of the comic and the original can be found here:

Last update: 19th Nov 2017
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Paul, Zombie Slayer
This Web comic follows Paul and his pal as they slay zombies and uncover a nefarious plot. If you enjoy Zombies, stick figures, or terrible plot clich├ęs, then this is for you! Updated Fridays inconsistently.
Last update: 24th Feb 2018
[Comic profile]
Follows the journey of a group of washed up Adventurers trying to prove their worth.
Last update: 5th Sep 2017
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