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Registration date: 16th Feb 2016
Last seen: 10th Jul 2018, 5:32 AM
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Location: California
About me
A guy who draws comics.
I love cartoons (both western and Japanese), video games, and drawing.

You can find more of my art on Deviantart (and other sites), but be warned that much of it is explicit.
If you'd just like the clean stuff, I have an art tumblr:

tigerfestivals's comics
The Prince is Missing
Prince Abbott is missing. Unsatisfied with the kingdom's efforts to search for him, Princess Airedale sets out on her own to rescue her beloved brother. However, things don't look too bright for our brave little mouse. Although she's an expert in sword-fighting, she's barely set foot outside the castle town in her life. Will she overcome the perils that lie in her path? Or, will she meet an untimely end before she can rescue the prince?
Last update: 28th May 2018
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