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Registration date: 1st Apr 2016
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About Me
Hi! I'm tjblazer85, but you can call me TJ, I'm a Game Developer but on this site I make Webcomics! Take a look at my comics and read some while you're at it!

My Comic:

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tjblazer85's Webcomics
Heroes in Training
ON HIATUS (Tablet is not working)

P.S. Please check latest Author's Blog for more information.

Being a Superhero takes a lot of practice! No one else knows this better than Tom, a real life Superhero, named Battle Boy! The problem is he's just starting out, in a world where the villains have had a major head start on him. Will he be able to adapt and learn as fast as he can, or will his Superhero career end before it even begins?

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Last update: 18th May 2017
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