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Registration date: 28th Jun 2011
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Conned by her guardian angel, beset by demons, hunted by heaven and sworn to protect her cheating ex-boyfriend.

When heaven got involved in Faith Emory's life everything went to hell.

BETTER ANGELS is a YouAreComic production by Tony McVeigh and Jordan Kroeger. A new three page chapter will hit the web the last Tuesday of every month.

Last update: 10th Apr 2013
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Black Artie
The continuing adventures of Artie Hess, the global magical community's most inept adept. Inter-dimensional magical beasties, enchanted handguns, evil occultists, a hot chick and a talking lizard. C'mon how can you resist that?
Last update: 28th Jan 2014
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Murdering indestructible dragon overlords and toppling the evil galactic empires can be a real bitch! Armed with a ragtag crew of allies and a dark secret from his past, alien farm boy turned rebel Magus might have what it takes to get the job done. Of course if his allies find out his secret first the only job getting done will be on Magus himself
Last update: 23rd Jun 2015
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