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Registration date: 18th Dec 2014
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About me
Comic book artist and illustrator.


toherrys's comics
Unknown Lands
A dark fantasy tale of a group of hooligans with too much power for anyone's good.
*There be sex, drugs and violence*

A thief named Vard is in debt to a good man and promises to help save his rural community from a surprising threat, only to end up bound to a pair of monsters called the Unknown.
Forced to follow the whims of the Unknown, Vard, Marya and Kai are introduced to the darkest of myths and magic in this nordic world, journeying all the way to the doors of death itself.

Updates every (other) Tuesday with multiple pages. Whenever possible, for the moment!
For WIPs and other extras, go to tumblr or twitter

Last update: 7th May 2017
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Unknown Lands extras
Last update: 17th Aug 2016
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