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Registration date: 22nd Apr 2012
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About me
I make Don Depresso comics.

toiletresin's comics
Don Depresso
Ruji started the "Don Depresso" comics in March, 2012 as a way to force herself her draw. She found that she could actually produce a lot of art in a short time if she stopped caring about making it “good” and focused on just getting it done. Some of Don Depresso’s adventures are inspired by reality, but the comic is not autobiographical.

Ruji’s friends occasionally make cameos in the series (e.g., Bitter Brennan and Jammin’ Jeff).


Don Depresso: A struggling freelance writer who’s never quite put his BA in creative writing to use. Suffers from (and sometimes enjoys) Bipolar II. Usually depressed but occasionally gets hypomanic and does stupid shit.

Dr. Pilsner: Don’s psychiatrist.

Sober Sally: Against all kinds of mind-altering substances.

Heroin Harry: Town druggie. Not actually a heroin addict; just fucked up on something most of the time.

Hutch the Butch: Diesel dyke.

Ella the Ex: Don’s ex-girlfriend, for whom he still has feelings even though she dumped him over a year ago.

Successful Sam: Ella the Ex’s new boyfriend.

Self-Loathing Sarah: Don’s new crush, who is just as depressed as he is.

Compy: Don’s computer. Runs SadOS, an obscure Linux distribution. Compy is old and often crashes.

Last update: 19th Apr 2012
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