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Registration date: 21st Feb 2014
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About Me
Ubie Dropout is a solo musician/producer from Connecticut who is also a major contributor to the experimental/ambient techno label Ubie View Productions. Having a very eclectic taste in music, Ubie Dropout who is known for his diverse EDM tracks has also resided in his share of punk, emo, noise, psychedelic and acoustic groups. Current productions are finding a nice balance between an organic jazzy, funk atmosphere and acid techno/ break beat.

Ubie, a traveling hippy with a laptop has been opening the eyes and ears of electronic music fans to his own brand of surrealist beats since 2001. While his roots can be found in Punk and indie rock, Ubie who found a new enthusiasm for electronic music while going to school In Washington DC is now inspiring fans with his very own soul-tronic manifestations of fatty, farty bass grooves

Ubie Dropout has released two full length CD's, "The after Effect" in 2007 an experimental journey of ambient techno and "The Learning Process in 2004, which according to Ron Davies of SPlendid Magazine, "could be written off as the stoned after-effects of Beck's early work". Ubie Is currently in the studio writing and recording the new tracks for the highly awaited third CD. Ubie Dropout's most recent projects can be found either on YOUTUBE or SOUNDCLOUD , so be sure to check in to these web pages to reamain in touch with his new efforts.

ubiedropout's Webcomics
Sidewalk Adventures
An engaging and exciting Comic filled with interesting anecdotes, silly jokes, philosophical ideas and short stories all of which take place on a sidewalk.
Last update: 21st Feb 2014
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Baby Steps
The slow learning and growing process of a new baby and all the different teaching strategies, perspectives and assignments that are given by those around it.
Last update: 22nd Feb 2014
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Psychedelic Rave Party Scene
Come meet all the funny diverse characters as they roam from dance club to the streets, to wherever the next best place to be is all in order to continue to support their favorite scene.
Last update: 1st Mar 2014
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What's Eating You
Follow a group of friends whose consistent nervous energy continues to manifest in many physical forms which is dependent upon the specific fear which being dealt with. Come take a look to find out if these kids figure a way out of what scares them or will they be driven crazy by their internal demons.
Last update: 11th Mar 2014
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