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Registration date: 9th Jun 2010
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About me
i'm just another girl in another town creating a webcomic for public consumption.

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Evesong Academy
This isn't a coming-of-age story for lesbians, or a hilarious look into the lives of a bunch of high school girls.
This is life. Amplified.
Many of the themes are based on my own life and my own friends. Most of us are lesbians, and we didn't go through that coming-of-age phase. We knew who we were early on. We were comfortable with our identities in high school.
That's what this story is about.
Regular girls living life and exploring what it has to offer. They love and hate just like someone you know. Maybe it's you?
This is my life and yours and your best friends'.
Amplified into a story that encompasses a variety of things.
Drama, Love, Death, Devastation, Happiness. Anything that a person can go through in life.

With that said, here's a warning.
This comic will contain sexual themes, violent themes, and sometimes a combination of the two. It's not always going to be flowers and sunshine. These girls are going to go through a lot.

If you want to take that journey with them...
stick around.

<3 Umi Lynn

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