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heyo, you can call me contra! i like to draw and write, so i love making comics, haha

you can find me at a bunch of other places here!

hope you have a lovely day!

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Live a Lovely Life
A chance encounter between a werewolf and a unicorn in the dead of the night leads to more mysteries and life-or-death situations than anyone could have ever bargained for.

The unicorn is actually fine with it, though. The werewolf isn't.


Live a Lovely Life is a hopeful and upbeat urban fantasy story about change, love, and moving on.
On hiatus.

Last update: 5th Dec 2019
Six Simple Steps to Successfully Becoming Your Story's Protagonist
Cynthia Elias has a dream to become just like the main characters in her favourite fictional stories! With the help of Isaiah, a greedy and hyper-competent dropout, and Chris Hunter, a snarky know-it-all, there's nothing that'll stand in Cynthia's way.

...Well, maybe that last bit about 'nothing standing in her way' isn't quite true.


'Six Simple Steps to Successfully Becoming Your Story's Protagonist' is a story about the act of creating, enacting tropes in REAL LIFE, and... angsty teens!?

Last update: 29th Jan 2020
Pokemon: Spacial Rend
There's something strange going on in Sinnoh.
The sudden increase in activity from the enigmatic Team Galactic is one thing, but...
Where did all the Bidoof on Route 202 go!?
Wait. More importantly. What is Palkia doing in Twinleaf Town, of all places?


A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke comic, with the added twist of being randomized!

Last update: 29th Apr 2020
Making the Time
The story of the world's most annoying Uber driver.
Last update: 28th Aug 2020
Occasional Strong Language