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Hello, my name is Sarah T. Aka WLHcomics or waterlilyhighwc1, I'm the creator of a webcomic series called "Water Lily High" and it's still-in-production spin-off series called "Welcome To Camp Hollow". My goal is to create content that not only makes people smile but that inspires others to draw what they love.

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Water Lily High
"Water Lily High" is a comic series about a teen goth girl named Sarah and her strange and unique friends. The comics consist of random adventures and story lines.
Last update: 18th Feb 2021
Occasional Strong Language
Welcome To Camp Hollow
Welcome To Camp Hollow! A place full of fun, adventure and mysteries, here we see the what it was like for the teens of Water Lily when they were kid's at a strange and creepy camp with an urban legend of a scary ghost scientist from the Victorian era, stalking the woods of Camp Hollow!
Last update: 9 days ago