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Pray to Your Gods!
This is a story about the two captains of a pirate crew.
Rivell is a brazen, size manipulating enchantment expert.
Krane is a half-leviathan with a calm and calculating mind.
Together they roam the seas off the coast of Cruntonia fighting-
Wait, no, this is a story about Jack, a new student at the Eye-sect's Magus Academy in Crucible city.
-huh, that can't be right, now the story's about the pirates again.
What!? Now it's about Jack again-
A demon girl who likes to mine?! What the hell is going on?
*a note is slapped across my face*
Oh, so the story actually is about a bunch of different people, and isn't one story either.
...how the shmitt do I describe that?

"Okay, that does it. Hi people, I'm Mib. I'm the author of this madness's most sane and rational aspects wrapped up in a package of custard colored interdimensional alien, but I digress. This comic is gonna be all over the place, so here's what you'll need to know. We got magic, we got mad science, we got adventure, we got anthropomorphic beings, romance, clever references timely and otherwise; heck, we may even deal a few dark twists into this cauldron of nuts! Anywho, the point is that we're gonna take you on a wild ride, and hopefully make you nice people laugh, cry, and maybe even learn something new.
...if I can keep the author on track long enough for this project to get off the ground."

Oh come on, I'm totally dependable- is that the new pokemon game!?

"Pray to your gods."

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Tales FTA
Well firstly, FTA is an acronym.
But I think you're all smart enough to have figured that out by now.
"So what does it stand for?" Balanced insanity.
Oh, wait, you meant the acronym.
FTA = From The Asylum.
Now you probably want to know what The Asylum is, right?
I mean, I doubt you're on this page to learn how to cook ramen.
The Asylum is a facility, or rather, many facilities. Prison, sanatarium, scientific research and engineering, and refuge; to encompass it's primary purpose.
Anywho, the Asylum is also the workplace of our..."protagonists"(they can be morally ambiguous at times).

Last update: 15th Jul 2013