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Registration date: 28th Jul 2015
Last seen: 3rd Oct 2015, 3:41 PM
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Location: Italy
About Me
I'm a tattoo artist, comics are my stress-release therapy. My main influences were Jack Vance, Yas and Leiji Matsumoto.

whiteshaix's Webcomics
Altarion Saga
A galactic empire is collapsing. To save it, three very special (and spoiled) ladies must go on a quest with a mercenary squad. War, politics, lost technology, a touch of humour and a lot of planets and alien civilizations.

Last update: 13th Aug 2015
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Altarion Saga: Atlantis
Altarion's prequel, set mostly on Earth, centred on the Schwarze Ritter mercenary squad.
Last update: 1st Sep 2015
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The Esterina Chronicles
"The Esterina Chronicles" are simply a series of one-shot pages set in the same universe of Altarion, with the main heroes downgraded to recurring role, while some of the secondary characters take the lead. Esterina - Jan's sister - is the Supreme Leader of the Women's Galactic Union (WGU).
Last update: 29th Jul 2015
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