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Once i tried to draw a manga-style comic. The worst decission ever made, since i don't want draw now anything else... :P

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In a world of swordsmanship five individuals travel trough a painful and unpleasant path of the sword to redemption...
Last update: 2 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore
The Spellcaster
A one shot (two one-shots, actually) about a Spellcaster named Jameson Mandrake and his friend, Johnathan Voynich in a serach for pages from a mysterious manuscript.
Last update: 2nd Sep 2019
Dragons of Azuma
Fanmade comics heavily inspired by the early Dragon Ball manga, and many 70's/80's martial arts movies. Every day a new page is born.

[Because of health issues the project was canceled, no new page will apear]

Last update: 5th Feb 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore