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Registration date: 9th Jun 2017
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About me
I'm Miles! I write a webcomic! It's about ghosts! You should check it out!

zeromph's comics
And Now There's Ghosts
JC Casper sees ghosts. This is a normal part of his life. What is not normal is the startling increase of ghosts in his school and community. That's... really not a good thing. Thus, JC finds himself investigating the forces which are leading to everyone dying. A weird fantasy dystopian slice-of-life mess with occasional ghost humor. CW for death, discussion of mental illness, occasional brief violence, and occasional transphobia. Updates Tuesdays. The two-year brainchild of Miles (bad author and illustrator), George (reptilian plot-and-character-development manager and bad-idea-detection expert), and Sam (director of "hey what if we did this").
Last update: 6 days ago
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The misadventures of quite possibly the least-functional high school chess club in ever. Featuring chess jokes, nerd diversity, Kalvin's hopes and dreams, and frequent belittling of the Meadow Hay Trap.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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