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30 Days of Characters - 2021
Day 8- Atlantean Warrior

30 Days of Characters - 2021

Starting from Comic #161: Day 8- Atlantean Warrior
Day 8- Atlantean Warrior
At an early age, Kashitaan began trade relationships with another Atlantic civilization, Atlantis. Atlantis's most precious resource was the rare metal orichalcum. Early on the Atlanteans discovered a unique property of orichalcum, that when it was melted down and then cooled in salt water, it would incredibly light weight, and perfect for armor and bladed weapons. The Atlanteans traded this unique metal, and the methods of smelting, for the Kashitaanian's magic knowledge. Unfortunately, this access to this information lead to the Atlanteans being deceived by the Lords of Hell, and over the centuries the people of Atlantis turned from worship of the sea to the worship of demons.
The Atlanteans learned to weaponize their knowledge. They began to breed human/demon hybrids, known as "man-devils". With an army of man-devils, Atlantis attacked Kashitaan during a time of political turmoil for the latter nation. Kashitaan was roped into an alliance with Atlantis, and together the two nations attempted to conquer the world. This war ended in catastrophe for both of them. For it's evil, Atlantis was swallowed whole by Garga, Demutor of the Sea, and Kashitaan suffered from a combination of plagues, famine, floods and demon attacks. Both civilizations were destroyed and forgotten, but some knowledge escaped into the rest of the world...

- The fact that the helmet is based on a Roman gladiator is a tribute to Age of Mythology, where the main Atlantean infantry were Roman gladiators for some reason.

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Definitely looks like a Piscator from Hell! Nice job!
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08 - Brides of Deetz: Sue Lynn
David Alexander Deetz is a vampire. He's THEEE vampire. Yes, Dracula is alive and well and currently living in the quaint little town of Geisthaven, Washington.
He's been alive for a very long time, and some old habits never die. His had been a long, lonely life, and thus, just as he had in the past, he searched out and made himself 3 Brides.
The first of those brides is Sue Lynn Hastings.

Sue Lynn is the daughter of a chemical manufacturing magnate and his socialite wife. She ran away from home at 17 years old... back in 1962. She found out that her parents were, unfortunately, corrupt, amoral polluters involved with organized crime. No one would listen to her, and after sticking her nose where it didn't belong one time too many, she realized that her life was in danger. While out on the road, she'd hooked up with a vanload of flower children who fancied themselves amateur sleuths. Over the next 5 years or so, she'd solved many a mystery in their company, but, the final mystery - The Case of The Vampire's Castle - was her last with them as it brought her face to face with David Alexander Deetz. The group thought that he was just some whacko real estate developer pretending to be a vampire. They were wrong. The other teens were scared away (and later institutionalized). Sue Lynn stayed, showing the lonely immortal King of Vampires the first kindness that he'd received in a very long time. That kindness blossomed into affection. He spent days telling her his life story and the two have been inseparable ever since.
Though, soon enough, other brides would arrive to complicate things.

Reader Comments

Beetlejuice and Scooby Doo in the same backstory? I love it! Her design is delightfully Ruby-Spears.
AAAAA! how did I miss this one? Well, if your parents are corrupt, might as well run away and become a vampire.
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8 larn

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So a holy dog woman?
It's not very often I see you draw more human-like characters
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Name: Edwulf Osbourne
Race: Human
Main Class: Master Warlock
Secondary Class: Summoner
Level: 94
Age: 58 Earth Years
Faction: Vigilant of Ümbra Guild (Guild Master)

Edwulf is the Guild Master of Vigilant of Ümbra, one of the five Adventurer's Guild in the Great City of Methoran. He is always calm and loves tea.

Dark Magic = Legendary
Conjuration = Legendary
Tactfulness = Legendary
Tactics = Epic
Merchant = Master
Baking = Master
Beast Mode = Novice

Reader Comments

He looks like an Ace Attorney Character.
Miles Edgeworth has gotten older the last time I saw him.
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8 - Else (Youth)
For Day 8, I drew a variation of Else Livvsey, the protagonist of my comic.

In the current canon, it begins when she is 10 years old. This variation is present when she is around 5-8 years old, after which she grows into her current version. Her mannerisms are more bouncy, and she's caught up in her own imagination rather than the allure of the actual world.

She was wrapped in her pawprint shirt since she was an infant, but only starts wearing when she turns 5, and at age 6 she finds her green coat jacket (it's even in better condition, with all the buttons on it, the yellow collar is intact, and there's no patch on the right shoulder). She also doesn't wear any glasses yet.

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AWWWW! She is sooo cute! She is bby! Remind me to read your comic at some point. Your art style is amazing!
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08 - Heinous Seamus
Seamus LeTourneau Jr. was the son of the famous evil genius Heinous Seamus. Having inherited his intellect, when his father was sent to supermax, he took over his alias and became a supervillain in his own merit. He wants to please his father so much that he even started his own plans on world domination. The first thing he conquered was an island in the arctic nobody even wanted, so there was no ransom to be held.

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Well, if you're going to take over the world, might as well start small and go for the easy parts first... also I LOVE HIS DESIGN!!!
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