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Megan Kearney's Beauty and The Beast
Epilogue: Page 13

Megan Kearney's Beauty and The Beast

Starting from Comic #730: Epilogue: Page 13
Epilogue: Page 13
Preorders for Volume Three are up!! The print edition will, as always, feature updated and edited artwork as well as a variety of liner notes and bonus material. It's projected to be available mid-May, but you can preorder (and help fund those print costs!) now and be assured of having first dibs when it comes out!

I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for joining me these last seven years on this long and winding journey. Your encouragement and comments were a pleasure (mostly...), and I've learned a lot from all of you. If you'd like to follow me beyond Beauty and The Beast, you can find me on Patreon or twitter, on my website or by subscribing to the mailing list. I hope to keep creating stories that will speak to you just as much as BATB did for many years.

Thank you for everything, Be good to each other.

EDIT: issues with the store have been resolved! Have at it!

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Stunning lovely thoughtful gutpunchy touching story! *throws roses*
Aw, it's sad to see it go. But thank you so much, Ms Megan. This was wonderful.
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