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Bruno Harm
#116 Heads Up

Bruno Harm

Starting from Comic #116: #116 Heads Up
#116 Heads Up
What do you say after another huge break? I don't know, but I am still alive and hopefully making comics again!

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Blackout drunk at a strip club is the worst kind of hangover ;D
Welcome back!

It must be my birthday, Bruno Harm, Cork & Blotto, and Elf have all resumed recently.
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#117 Heads Up
Hey everyone. I finally finished another strip. it's been slower than i remember. First, it's like learning the process all over again, and second, i have had to scale back the time i take away from the wife and family to work on this, so I will be trudging ever forward even if the movement seems too slow to perceive.

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Neat to have you back.

Personally I'm thinking Columbo here. (Rather than Christie)
Glad to see you continuing Bruno's and Mae's story! I'm looking forward to those two lovable P.I.'s (don't laugh, Mae is one even if she's not licensed, you know it) grilling all of those suspects. :)

Don't worry about the pace, I read comics that update once or twice a month and a couple that are once every few months, so I can be patient. :)
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#118 Heads Up
Hey guys. New Strip! it's like a land speed record for me!

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man, what time zone is this strip in? European central standard?

but anyway, keep pushin', glad to see ya back
The Butler did it--no, not the major-domo, it was Mr. Butler, the next door neighbor.
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