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Super Awesome Happy Face Guy #427


Starting from Comic #2: Super Awesome Happy Face Guy #427
Super Awesome Happy Face Guy #427

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Ha Ha! This one really cracks me up ;D
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Super Awesome Happy Face Guy 123: Brand New Uniform
This one is a Parody of the Mcfarlane Spiderman Torment Cover which he later used in Spawn
I've also bought Mcfarlane's Book titled the Devil is in the Details (something like that) & among many other things I learned that when you do a homage of a comic book cover you should sign your name and then write "after the original artist" now I know so whenever I get a chance to recolor this one, I'll keep that in mind
Bazunga Girl 16: Forbidden Love

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Forbidden but I'm sure they'll still try. Right?
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Mailman Misfortunes 4-16-2014

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That's all the motivation he needs XD

I love how that running dog turned out.
Ha! The postal system should definitely find a way to harness this canine inspired job enthusiasm; it would improve customer satisfaction and weed out the slow mail carriers at the same time. Nice comic :)
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