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Company Man Comic
#RogerGoodell is DEAD! 6/8/16

Company Man Comic

Starting from Comic #640: #RogerGoodell is DEAD! 6/8/16
#RogerGoodell is DEAD! 6/8/16
It's #DumbJokeThursday! 6/9/16
I need to talk to you... 6/13/16
This is for #Orlando. 6/14/16
#ManBun, not even once! 6/15/16

Reader Comments

We're getting closer to 'Idiocrasy' every day. It won't be long before we get a rainbow color haired candidate running (hand in hand) with a man bun wearing, neck tattooed candidate.

Or, President Camacho - firing a machine gun wherever he goes.
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It's #TakeYourChildToWorkDay.6/16/16