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Company Man Comic
It's #DumbJokeThursday! 12/7/17

Company Man Comic

Starting from Comic #1014: It's #DumbJokeThursday! 12/7/17
It's #DumbJokeThursday! 12/7/17
Sometimes it's too easy! 12/8/17
It's STILL writing them! 12/11/17
This is for YOU Alabama! 12/12/17
Stay vigilant, #Disney! 12/13/17

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Seriously said. Thank God for Alabama voters. They showed the way for the rest of the Nation to cope with this embarrassing administration. Today's USA Today got it right. he's not good enough to shine the shoes of Barack Obama or either of the Bushes.
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It's #DumbJokeThursday! #StarWars Edition! 12/14/17